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We have created this community to service the interests of Street Racers in Portland Ore and the surrounding areas.

This is a place for us to communicate about places to race and what not. I will make it members only after awhile so that we can make sure that our little secrets stay that way.

The only rules as far as I am concerned is that we dont need to put down other racers for the way that they enjoy the game. Just because someone drives a car you consider unworthy, its not an invitation to flood the group with a bunch of bullshit.

Oh, and we know about the safety issues involved and trust that each of us is running in a safe manner...... Or however we want to run. Any posts about the dangers of Street Racing will be deleted immediately.

So, when you join this group, take a minute to post what part of town you are from, what you drive (insert outrageous bragging here), and one good place you have found to race.
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