So Damn Metal, My Bones Are Made Of Steel (psycobob) wrote in racepdx,
So Damn Metal, My Bones Are Made Of Steel

I just realized I never introduced myself.

A couple of you at least know of me, but that's it.

I drive a mostly stock white 88 323 gtx with 150,xxx on the clock. Formerly a MN car so it's got some rust. *cough*understatement*/cough* Some of the forum guys have nicknamed her wobbly. My sig on the forum says "it could be worse... it could be crank wobble" then 2 days after i changed it to that, I noticed I had it. I still rod the crap out of it though, well as much as you can with the oem clutch in it. Hoping to take care of some debt then build myself a nice bpt swapped gtx and rally-x and auto-x the hell out of it. I don't really race it much other than light to light on my break for lunch. I try to keep her in the dirt as much as possible, it's a lot of fun that way, though going up to molten falls is always a fun run in the early morning hours. I'd like to try the 26-skyline-30 run sometime, I've got a pretty good idea of where you're talking about. Actually now that I think about it, I test drove a KA24DE powered 510 on that road.

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Yeah I know ACT sticker but a stock clutch.... I had an appointment to get it put in and the clutch sitting on my desk, but I needed the money elsewhere, and then needed more money so I sold the clutch.
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